Beautiful Boarding Passes

If you've ever flown anywhere, you will at some point come into contact with an airline boarding pass. These are never the most beautifully designed pieces, nor are they that easy to understand.

Lufthsana A typical boarding pass.

However, award winning designer Peter Smart has set out to improve the design of boarding passes as part of his 50 Problems in 50 Days project. You can see Smart's own presentation here, but this is our condensed version.

Smart begins by changing the orientation of the pass from horizontal to vertical, a format which can still be printed on airline's current machines, and when folded on the perforated line, fits perfectly within a passport.

 Boarding Pass

PassportSmart's new design

His design provides a clear hierarchy, presenting information logically so you can see the information you need to. The legibility of the pass has also been greatly improved, with great care being taken to space and group information well.


This is one example of how good design can really improve a customer's experience, and a very good example of that too.

Written by: Ben Meyrick