Mobile Apps

As we begin to consume our content more and more via our mobile phones and tablets, it makes perfect sense to try reach your customers through this ever popular technology. We can simultaneously develop for many platforms, including: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Web based applications. 

Content Managed Apps

Maintaing and managing your Quantum Studio built mobile app is easy with every app being supported by a powerful CMS called Umbraco. This gives you enormous flexibility over the content of your app as each time you need to update content, your users won't need to download an update from the app store. If you require a website as well as an app, or have a website with us already, we can develop your mobile app to run off the same content management system, meaning you only have to edit your content once.
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App Analytics

App usage can be tracked using Google Analytics, giving you a better insight into how your customers use the app and what pages they've viewed. We can build analytics into all apps whether its a news app, weather app, eCommerce app or whatever app you can possibly imagine!